Shadowrun Crossfire - High Caliber Ops

Shadowrun Crossfire - High Caliber Ops
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Shadowrun Crossfire - High Caliber Ops   You’re tougher. Meaner. Better equipped. You’ve... mehr
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Shadowrun Crossfire - High Caliber Ops


You’re tougher. Meaner. Better equipped. You’ve taken on a drekload of challenges the Sixth World has thrown at you, and you’ve survived. Barely, sometimes, but that’s enough. You’re walking with a certain confidence, maybe even a little strut. You’re ready for the next thing the streets are going to throw at you.

At least, you think you are. Now you’re going to find out.

High Caliber Ops is a massive expansion for the award-winning Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game. How massive? How does two new character roles, more than a dozen new Black Market cards, fifty new obstacles, and a large bundle of new Karma upgrades sound? On top of that, we’ve got five brand-new missions, and a set of basic cards with new art. Taken together, you have the tools for high-powered, high-risk, high-reward shadowruns. Add High Caliber Ops to your Crossfire game to see just how much danger you can take on!

Mission Expansion Pack 1: High Caliber Ops is an expansion for the Shadowrun: Crossfire game—you need that game to be able to use it!

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