Weiß Schwarz - EGP Qualifier am 08.11.2014


Registration closes:

Entry Fee: 7,50€

Format: 'Neo Standard'
Both English and Japanese Version of cards may be used, but mixing of languages is prohibited.
New Releases may be used on and after their official Release date.

There will be no regulation on how many layers of sleeves may be used.
But the player is responsible that every card of his/her deck is not distinguishable with each other.
A judge is allowed to perform a deck-check at all times.

Swiss Rounds and after that cut to Top 4/8.
Top 8 will be played when at least 32 players are participating. Each Game is Bo1 25 minutes +3 Extra turns. When time is called the active player is at Extra turn 0 and after that 3 Extra turns will be played. After that the Level and Clock of both players will be compared and the player closer to Level 4 loses. If both players are at the same Level&Clock the game will be continued until the next change of damage.

Every participant will receive one participation booster. Each player will receive a special PR-card as long as stock lasts! Tops will get additional prices.
The Top 2 players are qualified to compete at the EGP Finals on the 10th January in Dortmund.
If a player already has qualified for the EGP Finals, the qualification will be passed down.
If a player can't participate in the EGP Finals, then the qualification will also be passed down.

Note: There will be no travel award and the qualified players need to pay for travel and accomodation by themselves.

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