Arcadia Quest - Inferno

Arcadia Quest - Inferno
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  • CMN-003096
The Heroes of Arcadia face their hottest challenge yet! The people of Arcadia have always... mehr
Produktinformationen "Arcadia Quest - Inferno"

The Heroes of Arcadia face their hottest challenge yet!

The people of Arcadia have always sought peace whenever possible, but they will
defend their home with ferocity when threatened. In Arcadia Quest: Inferno players will lead their Guilds of Heroes into the fiery hot depths below the city to face the evil Underlord and end his dastardly plans before they start. Inferno is both a stand alone adventure and an expansion for Arcadia Quest where 2-4 players can take part in the ultimate battle against evil and sometimes each other. Inferno comes jam packed with enough Heroes, monsters, scenarios, and adventures to keep players gaming until the last foe has fallen.


12 Hero Figures, 
5 Angel Figures, 
19 Monster Figures, 
12 Color Plastic Bases, 
8 Attack Dice,
6 Defense Dice, 
9 Double-Sided Game Tiles,
4 Guild Dashboards, 
276 Cards, 
300+ Tokens,
Campaign Sheet Pad, 
1 Rulebook, 
1 Campaign Book

Alter: 14+
Spieler: 2-4
Dauer: 60
Sprache: Englisch
Hersteller: Cool Mini or Not
Artikelnummer: CMN-003096
EAN: 889696003096

Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet.

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