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Enter the dramatic world of Richard the Lionheart with this historically accurate and detailed role playing aid. Set in the year 1190, Lionheart includes a large, accurate color map, historical, political, and cultural notes, and an...
27,90 € *
Harnmaster - Qualdris Castle
Harnmaster - Qualdris Castle
Qualdris is a prosperous and important settlement in the south of the Kingdom of Kaldor and is the seat of the Earl of Osel. Earl Sedris Meleken comes from one of the oldest and proudest families in the kingdom. He has been away from the...
12,40 € *
Harnmaster - Tapestry Saga: Web of the Widow
Harnmaster - Tapestry Saga: Web of the Widow
What can I see? Hârn DE (Digitally Enhanced) allows role-players to get one step closer to fantasy through a fully rendered 3D gaming environment on CD-ROM. An enriching visual experience Hârn DE is a new way to experience role-playing....
15,90 € *
Harnmaster - Kingdom of Kanday Electronic Atlas
Harnmaster - Kingdom of Kanday Electronic Atlas
69 detailed vector maps: World Map of Kethira Regional Map of Hârn Atlas Map of Kanday Shire and Hundred Maps Local Maps of all cities, castles, and keeps in Kanday (including many never-before mappped at the local scale).
30,90 € *
HârnMaster - Ivashu
HarnMaster - Ivashu
Ivashu is a Bestiary article. Ivashu are creatures of Ilvir, known as the Fatherless Multitude by the faithful, or the Accursed Beasts of the Barren Circle by non-believers. Ilvir creates the Ivashu at Araka-Kalai, making use of a...
7,10 € *
HarnMaster - City of Cherafir
HarnMaster - City of Cherafir
Cherafir is the capital city and principal port of the Kingdom of Melderyn. The city is well fortified and its strong citadel is the main residence of the king. Known as the "Mages' City," Cherafir is seen by most as a bizarre anomaly,...
25,80 € *
HârnMaster - Coselin Vathran (Castle)
HarnMaster - Coselin Vathran (Castle)
Coselin is the seat of King Haakis Turensyn, ruler of the Kingdom of Rogna in the Elkyri Islands off the west coast of Ivinia. Coselin's impressive castle and town wall were financed through piracy are among the finest fortifications in...
13,50 € *
HârnMaster - Minilaous Keep
HarnMaster - Minilaous Keep
Minilaous is a keep and barony southwest of the Kandian city of Aleath. The keep is nestled atop the high cliffs of Mercia Bay. The region has a rich heritage, arising from a mix of cultures. The area was decimated during the Thecracy of...
10,40 € *
HârnMaster - Dunir Keep
HarnMaster - Dunir Keep
Dunir is an isolated keep and small town on the northwestern coast of Kanday, although it gets more traffic than one would expect. The road from Selvos to Menekod enters Rethem and is blocked by Hyen Keep, headquarters of the Agrikan...
11,40 € *
HârnMaster - Menekod Castle
HarnMaster - Menekod Castle
Menekod is a one of the most important defensive positions in western Hârn. Sometimes called the key to the Kingdom of Kanday, it is held by the Order of the Checkered Shield, a fighting order of Larani, the goddess of chivalry and...
7,30 € *
HârnMaster - Selvos Castle
HarnMaster - Selvos Castle
Selvos castle is the seat of the Earl of Selvos in northwest Kanday. Seized in 695 from Rethem during Ezar's War, it is a rich fishing port and one of the few safe harbors along the rugged western coast of Hârn. Although officially at...
11,40 € *
HârnMaster - Gythrun Castle
HarnMaster - Gythrun Castle
Gythrun Castle is the third largest of the mainland settlements in the Kingdom of Melderyn. It is the principal seat of the Earl of Biren and the center of economic activity for Birenshire. The town is a major stopover for caravans on...
8,30 € *
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