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Medioevo Universale
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XIII century d.C, Middle Ages are slowly coming to an end, and the world is changing. The... mehr
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XIII century d.C, Middle Ages are slowly coming to an end, and the world is changing. The Papacy and the Empire, the two universal powers that have dominated the last centuries are falling apart. Italy sees the rise of the Commons which, with the foundation of the
first Universities, become the centers of a new diffusion of knowledge, while the Maritime Republics prosper at the expense of the ancient Byzantine Empire.
Build strongholds and fortifications, expand your farmland, develop new technologies, defend your caravans and convoys, supply your main cities on the continent to fill your treasury with gold, ward off the barbarians pushing against the borders, defend your
domains from negative events and calamities, recruit armies and fleets, form alliances and plant your spies, prepare to expand your kingdom, declare war taking advantage of the right "casus belli", explout the terrain, defeat your enemies on the battlefield and...
above all... plant your standard on new territories.
You can gain Honour in many ways: by trading, forging diplomatic relationships, winning battles and staging intrigues. At the end of the game, the player with the hightest Honour Point count wins, and the others must declare themselves his Vassals.
Alternatively, the game can end abruptly, if the Kingdom of one of one of the players expands unobstructed to the point to include all its territorial objectives.

Medioevo Universale is an epic strategic game for 3-5 players, with a game board that reproduces a detailed map of the time, hundred of army miniatures, lot of tokens and cards and a multi-level strategy which includes war, diplomacy and tactic elements. The
author, Nicola Iannone, managed to combine the charateristics of traditional wargames with those of clever boardgames in an original way, with a keen eye to the balance between the different factions.
Special attention goes to combat, which is the heart of the game, as well as one of the ways to win. Compared to other games, Medioevo Universale sees the part played by Luck greatly reduced. Thanks to its truly innovative conflict resolution mechanic, it is
possible to plan ahead the outcome of a battle, taking into account the number and type of the troops, their leader, terrain, siege engines and fortifications, as well as many other factors.
Gain absolute power!

Sprache: Englisch
Artikelnummer: GIO-950446
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Hersteller: giochix
Dauer: 240
Alter: 12-16 Jahre
Spieler: 3 Spieler

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