Descent - Guardians of Deephall

Descent - Guardians of Deephall
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Descent - Guardians of Deephall     The mountain village of Deephall lies... mehr
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Descent - Guardians of Deephall



The mountain village of Deephall lies in desperate danger. In Guardians of Deephall, you’ll find four heroes and three monster groups to decide the future of Deephall. These figures were previously only available in the first edition of Descent, but are now brought in line with second edition aesthetics through reimagined figure sculpts and artwork.

Four heroes leap to the defense of Deephall in this Hero and Monster Collection lending their skill with arms and their magical prowess to the city’s defense. You’ll find the orc warrior Mordrog battling in the front lines alongside Lord Hawthorne. At the same time, Sahla, a gifted Healer, focuses his power by channeling the strength of other heroes, even as the deadly assassin known as Silhouette uses her stealth and cunning to cut her enemies down.

The evil forces of the overlord array themselves against these heroes. Dark priests spearhead the attack on Deephall, using their knowledge of the arcane to deadly effect. The key to Deephall’s trials, however, lies in the icy caves of the mountains, guarded by ferocious wendigos and crypt dragons.

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