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Enter the dramatic world of Richard the Lionheart with this historically accurate and detailed... mehr
Produktinformationen "Lionheart"

Enter the dramatic world of Richard the Lionheart with this historically accurate and detailed role playing aid. Set in the year 1190, Lionheart includes a large, accurate color map, historical, political, and cultural notes, and an extensive gazetteer.

It is January 1, 1990. Richard Plantagenet is the mightiest king in Christendom, nobles vie to increase their power, tensions simmer beneath the cover of an alliance with the king of France, and the Third Crusade against the Saracen has begun.

This is the world of Lionheart. A world where good and evil are seldom clearly defined; where priests are sometimes corrupt and venal, and chivalric knights are often brutal and evil killers.

Lionheart is an experience not easily forgotten. It allows the reader to enter the England of Coeur-de-Lion as a spectator in history. Events of the time are seen as current events, and personalities are alive. Instead of a pallid and distant view from the present, Lionheart is a living history that grows with each reading

Lionheart is also a unique historical tool. A history of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to 1190 is included, but the heart of the text is an encyclopedia of towns, abbeys, castles, personalities, myths, and customs of the late twelfth century.

Also included is a beautiful color map of the British Isles in 1190, which locates all places listed in the encyclopedia. Everything from the map to the social and cultural descriptions, are as faithful to the period as possible.

Sprache: Englisch
Hersteller: Columbia Games
Artikelnummer: COG-711219
EAN: 0920711219
ASIN: 0920711219

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