HarnMaster - Keserin Mine

HârnMaster - Keserin Mine
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  • COG-5767
Keserin is an isolated forest hundred in the Kingdom of Rethem's Parachshire, where heavily... mehr
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Keserin is an isolated forest hundred in the Kingdom of Rethem's Parachshire, where heavily forested foothills meet the low rocky spurs of the Rayesha Mountains. Although the landscape is dotted with forgotten ruins from the Corani Empire, civilization has long been kept at bay by gargun (orcs) and the Kubora barbarian tribes. The area's mineral wealth, however, has not been forgotten. 

Nestled in a deep ravine lies a mining complex held by the Order of the Red Shadows of Herpa, a religious fighting order devoted to Agrik, the dark god of war and violence. Outsiders are not welcome and those who work there know better than to reveal the secrets of the Red Shadows. Of the slaves who toil there, none have escaped the mine and the cruel wilderness that surrounds it.

The Keserin Mine article contains details of the mine complex and its operations as well as descriptions of the guards, miners, slaves, and others who are found there. In addition to full-page color GM and player maps of the settlement, detailed plans and descriptions are given for the entire complex.

Hersteller: Columbia Games
Artikelnummer: COG-5767

Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet.

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