Pathfinder - Player Companion: Mythic Origins

Pathfinder - Player Companion: Mythic Origins
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Pathfinder - Player Companion: Mythic Origins   Seize the mythic might of the... mehr
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Pathfinder - Player Companion: Mythic Origins


Seize the mythic might of the Pathfinder world with Pathfinder Player Companion: Mythic Origins. Expanding upon the incredible powers and world-shaking magic of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game?s newest hardcover, Mythic Adventures, this player-focused guide brings that arsenal of options into the Pathfinder world. Grant your characters a host of new abilities for every mythic path, feats, spells, magic items, and more drawn from the Pathfinder campaign setting?s wildest legends, forgotten histories, and otherworldly planes. Learn what it means to be a mythic hero in the Pathfinder world and, even if you don?t have mythic power, how you can still benefit from (or even claim) such epic forces.

Written by Paizo Staff.

Each monthly 32-page Pathfinder Player Companion contains several player-focused articles exploring the volume?s theme as well as short articles with innovative new rules for all types of characters, as well as traits to better anchor the player to the campaign.

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