L5R - Torn Asunder Booster

L5R - Torn Asunder Booster
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L5R - Torn Asunder  Booster   Legend of the Five Rings is the premiere interactive... mehr
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L5R - Torn Asunder  Booster


Legend of the Five Rings is the premiere interactive storyline Collectible Card Game. Featuring tales of epic Samurai adventure as the Clans of Rokugan fight for supremacy in an expanded Empire.

Relations between the Empire and the Colonies have degraded to the point of violence, and a single Imperial Legion lays siege to the Second City in an attempt to bring order to the Colonies once more. The siege now comes to an end, but who will prevail?

Torn Asunder is the latest expansion for the fan favorite Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game from AEG. It is part of the Emperor Edition Arc, which acclaimed base set released in the beginning of 2012. The Empress of Rokugan and the Governor of the Colonies have engaged in an open conflict, with supremacy over the Colonies at stake. When the time comes to pick a side, which banner will you fight under?

· Booster only expansion to help with the mid-arc investment of a new player in the game after Emperor Edition: Gempukku!

· 150 total new cards legal for the Emperor Edition Arc, including a special Stronghold!

· Amazing art from renowned artists in the industry, bringing the tension between Rokugan and the Colonies to life in an extraordinary fashion.

· Diplomacy failed and now the forces of the Empress and the loyalists to the Governor of the Colonies are fighting each other. Soon everyone will have to choose who they will side with.



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