A Game of Thrones: The Card Game - Draft Starter: Westeros

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Westeros is the second pool of cards for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Draft Play, and it challenges players to forge a new vision for the Seven Kingdoms, even as they seek to win the Iron Throne. The Westeros draft pool consists of 240 randomized cards, including a healthy representation of cards drawn from the two most recently completed cycles, Kingsroad and Conquest and Defiance, as well as no fewer than thirty four preview cards from the upcoming Wardens cycle. Additionally, the Westeros card pool features ten different “draft format only” cards that ensure your draft experience will be both truly dynamic and unique.

Each player will require one each of two packs to participate in a draft: One Westeros Draft Starter Pack – 3 double-sided House cards and 16 more fixed cards that provide the backbone of your economy and Plot deck One Westeros Draft Pack – a randomized selection of 50 cards from the Westeros draft pool

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Hersteller: Fantasy Flight Games
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