D&D Attack Wing - Young Blue Dragon Expansion Pack

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Produktinformationen "D&D Attack Wing - Young Blue Dragon Expansion Pack"

Ulharos is more ill-tempered than most dragons his age, but any son of the legendary blue dragon Eshaedra would have some justification for expressing bitterness. With a mother so pious, always spouting blessings and curses from Tiamat, Ulharos has grown resentful of the gods, and his hubris manifests itself in a particular delight in the suffering of those clerics unfortunate enough to cross his path.

In combat, Ulharos likes to fight from a distance, sniping at enemies with his lightning breath and choosing his enemies carefully, picking off wounded enemies whenever possible. When forced into close combat, Ulharos has particularly nasty spell he likes to cast: Ray of Sickness, which inflicts his foes with a debilitating poison, making them that much easier to finish off whenever it suits the sour little dragon.

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