GURPS 4th Edition - Supers

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"The 20th century gave birth to a new genre offiction: the super-powered adventure. Men andwomen with strange powers gave a visible expressionto the readerís sense of wonder, as they protectedordinary mortals from a variety of threats,from street crime to world-shattering disasters.GURPS Supers is the guide to creating that wonderin an RPG, including the history of the genre;advice on creating characters, equipment, andsuper-hideouts . . . and how to handle combatbetween these heroes; and ways to create continuityso your personal supers universe has the samedepth as published worlds.GURPS Supers is a new work, but it drawsinspiration from the previous editions of GURPSSupers. Using it to run a GURPS campaignrequires the GURPS Basic Set and GURPSPowers. The material on genre conventions,character concepts and relationships, scenariocreation, and supers universes can be used withany game system."
Hersteller: Steve Jackson Games
Sprache: Englisch
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