HarnMaster - Kingdom of Rethem

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Rethem is a feudal kingdom in western Hârn where feudalism rules by force. The political situation is still far from settled and the threat of civil war looms over the kingdom. Rethem is bounded by the Kingdom of Kanday to the south, the Kuboran tribal lands to the north, and the Thardic Republic to the east. With its long history of violence, a rulership built on cunning and strength, and its shaky political structure, Rethem is viewed warily by its neighbors.

The Peran wilderness to Rethem's north is home to the Kubora, one of the fiercest and most numerous tribal peoples on Hârn. The Kingdom of Rethem was created by the conquests of a Kuboran chieftain, something that neither the tribesmen nor the Rethemi are likely to forget. The Kuboran influence is still significant in Rethem and most Rethemi nobility are of Kuboran descent, although it is not currently fashionable to admit to it.

Rethem's northern forests are rich in timber and furs and the abundant minerals of the lowlands have been extensively mined since Corani times. The fertile Thard Valley has long been one of the most densely populated regions of Hârn and boasts the strongest economy in the west.

Rethem's eighth and current ruler, King Chafin III, is not the product of a long and respected dynasty, his clan having seized the throne a mere 40 years ago. Chafin III has constructed a network of allegiances that relies upon the careful placement of kin and the manipulation of competing loyalties that he himself may not fully command. Chafin often uses the threat of invasion from the kingdom's neighbors to keep his rivals off guard.

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