Gamegenic - Crystal Twister Premium Dice Tower

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Produktinformationen "Gamegenic - Crystal Twister Premium Dice Tower"
„A unique twist for your dice“ – The Crystal Twister will bring
a truly special and captivating dice-rolling experience to your
games. This premium dice tower lets you watch the dice rolling
down its spiral staircase made from crystal-clear acrylic!
Each turn perfectly randomizes the dice result. In addition, the HDF
dice tray keeps the dice from rolling off the table. The outstanding
design is not only functional but a great eye-catcher for collectors
and their shelves. It is ideal for board games, tabletop role-playing
games and other dice games.
Standing approx. 23cm tall, the Crystal Twister is 100% produced
in Germany. It will be delivered unassembled, perfect for all puzzle
enthusiasts. Assembly takes only approx. 30 min. and does not
require any glue. Alea iacta est!
Premium Dice Tower with captivating dice rolling effect
Unique spiral staircase perfectly randomizes your dice
High-class, crystal clear acrylic material and HDF base
HDF dice tray keeps the dice on the table
Perfect for board games, tabletop role-playing games, and other dice games
Assembly time approx. 30 min. (No glue needed)
Tower height approx. 23 cm
EAN: 4251715410387
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Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet.

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