HarnMaster - Bedenes Keep

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Bedenes is a formidible fortress on the northern frontier of the Kingdom of Rethem. Bedenes Keep and the surrounding lands of Emesa Hundred are held by the Warriors of Mameka, a powerful fighting order of Agrik, god of war and violence. From Bedenes, the Warriors wage war against the Kuboran tribesmen and plunder the riches of the Peran wilderness. 

Bedenes also is a seminary for the Order of Mamaka, Master of Steel, the Warriors' sponsoring clerical order. The fortress holds their House of Ordeal and the workshops in which they produce the consecrated blades and alchemical weapons for which the Warriors of Mameka are feared. 

This article contains maps, plans, and descriptions of the formidable keep, the House of Ordeals, and the nearby village. Descriptions and stats are included for four key NPCs.


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