HarnMaster- Ochrynn Abbey

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Ochrynn is a religious community dedicated to Ilvir, one of the Hârnic deities. The abbey is just one half league northwest of the Pit of Araka-Kalai, the home of Ilvir and an important pilgrimage destination. Ochrynn is the only civilized human settlement in the Misyn region and its clerics are involved in supplying Ivashu, bizarre and often dangerous creatures created by Ilvir, to the Pamesani arenas of western Hârn, a practice that is opposed by some Ilvirans. The location offers a wealth of adventure possibilities, whether exploring the Misyn wilderness, dealing with abbey intrigues, trading in Ivashu, or as a stop-over for visits to Araka-Kalai. 

The Ochrynn article describes the history, government, and economics of the settlement. Full descriptions and color floor plans are provided for the abbey buildings and many of the settlement's craftsmen and other establishments are described. Also includes color GM and player maps. 

Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet.

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